M&E Services

Short and Long-Term M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) Services

Sustainability evaluations are essential to local, international and government agencies for planning future investments in initiatives that remain vital and active in communities long after the funded projects' completion.

As a local agency, JMD is most interested in making certain that the projects we support and implement are sustainable in the truest sense of the word. In choosing projects to implement, we respond to community requests for services, training and materials, and work with beneficiaries to develop projects and initiatives based on their experience with what will be useful to them and their communities -- at the current moment, and well into the future. With every project JMD implements, we consider what might happen in future generations. Will our beneficiaries be able to (and want to) convince their children and their grandchildren to remain here, that it is not only economically healthy but fun and fulfilling and that their contributions are helping their community become culturally alive and educationally superior?

One of the best ways for an agency to gauge the success of a project, and feel comfortable about proposing that it be replicated in another area, is to conduct an extensive post-project field evaluation based on the original project activity plan.

JMD is currently the only local agency in Aceh that provides this service -- for donor agencies as well as international implementing partners. JMD also conducts regular monitoring and evaluation visits to our own self-funded projects. JMD is currently conducting a month-long multi-faceted field visit to our EDFF-funded Direct Support To Farmers component of IOM's coffee cultivation improvement project in Central Aceh (2009-2011).

JMD contracts monitoring specialists with area-specific knowledge to conduct evaluations of not just beneficiaries but families, neighbors and local government and civic leaders to determine not only if the intervention was successful but whether it was a positive experience for the entire community.

JMD's wide range of M&E services include:

We monitor: