Over the years JMD has worked with local and international partners in the areas of sustainable "green" agriculture and livestock production, education certification and community centre/ participatory planning initiatives. We've also developed conflict resolution training for beneficiary partners and communities. In 2011 and 2012 JMD partnered with the International Order of Migration (IOM) to implement a large-scale (1,000 smallholder farmers) initiative that improved coffee quality and production consistency in the central highlands of Aceh. We are currently replicating that project on a smaller scale for women cocoa farmers.

After its initial emergency response and housing/community center support phase, JMD focused on designing community revitalization projects that have been both self-sustaining and replicable in many parts of the province. Over the past five years, in addition to agriculture and business strengthening programs, we've added life skills development, community building and peer mentoring/counseling components to these programs. Being able to understand and adapt to a physical, economic and emotional landscape that is very different from that of pre-2004 is crucial for individuals who suffered from the myriad collateral effects of the conflict, including loss of income, grief, illegal activity as economic livelihood, and marginalization.

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